How Brands Are STACKing Up In Campaigning

How Brand Are Stacking Up In The Campaign

Over the past year and a half, it’s been really f**king cool partnering with Stack Influence partaking in their micro-influencer campaigns. Partnered with a widely assorted variety of start-up companies, Stack is on the forefront of new media strategies in the world of Social Media Marketing.

Prior to receiving my Master’s in ‘MarCom’ back in 2020, a friend turned me on to the idea of partaking in Stack’s influencer campaigns. Product reviews have been around for decades, and it seemed like a harmless no-brainer way to get into the mix alongside other start-up companies & ad agencies across the globe. 


Check out the different campaigns I’ve been a part of!


2020 Naked Nutrition Protein Bar Campaign

    My first introduction to micro-influencer campaigning was through Stack’s invite for their partnership campaign with NAKED Nutrition. I ordered the mint chocolate pack of nutrition bars, and I wound up LOVING them! I scarfed down the box in my studio within the first week of the campaign, and now they’ve become a go-to fuel source for me to this day.


2020 Naked Nutrition Keto Campaign

During the pandemic all the gyms were shut down, so I shifted and modified all my workout and exercise routines for home. That’s precisely the time I got invited for Naked Nutrition’s newest Keto Campaign. With their fantastic Vanilla Keto Protein Powder, Naked Nutrition had my back the entire way, LITERALLY. In addition to exercise, I got creative with the protein adding it to supplement some of my favorite everyday foods like muffins, pancakes, waffles, and creamy milkshakes.


2021 STRIG Muscle Massaging-Device Campaign

    In November 2020, I was hearing the buzz from a brand new Campaign partnership with STRIG. STRIG is a new manufacturing company innovating in the arena of muscle therapies. Using this product, it helped alleviate some of my mild chronic pains especially during the winter when I feel more brittle (naturally) than ever. The first week, I didn’t see immediate changes in my mobility or mild aches & pains. After a month utilizing the microcurrents and micro vibration technology, it became a daily preventative aid safeguarding against any laborious or strenuous activity. My body really benefited from the reduction of knots in my back thanks to this product!


2021 Mary Ruth’s Organics Campaign

This past April, I partnered with Mary Ruth Organics and received my first ever Tumeric & DHA supplement. All I had to do was add a teaspoon to my breakfast juice in the morning, and it gave me the kickstart I needed. Luckily, I am a huge fan of Turmeric and its natural healing qualities, so a supplement from MaryRuths was something I was genuinely in the market for!


2021 Kitsch Health & Beauty Campaign

    As the Fall season sets in, I reshift my focus towards those cosmetic products that keep my skin & hair clean, fresh smelling, and above all else, HYDRATED. Kitsch is a 100% female-owned company, and they DO NOT mess around when it comes to hair care and accessories. As you guys know, I absolutely despise the winter; Cold weather and I don’t get along. During my partnership with Kitsch, their fully-natural shampoo bar helped protect me in the fight against winter weather. As a first time user of shampoo bars, I was pleasantly shocked; Their shampoo bar actually kept my scalp nourished and protected a vibrant new cut & color (thanks to my friend Staci over at Glaze: Innovative Salon). This bar was a fresh invigorating experience for sure.


2021 KOS Plant-Proteins Campaign

In late October, my lady & I returned home from a fantastic 11-day long vacation in California. Immediately, our bodies weren’t readjusted to the cold nor the time differential, especially the adjustment to the foods we ate here at home. Luckily, waiting at my doorstep was KOS’s Plant-based protein. With their salted-carmel coffee inspired flavor, this plant-based protein had quite the unique flavor. When it comes to fresh baked stuff like muffins or bread, I never tasted what was possible until I tried this stuff. During the ongoing campaign, I am definitely eager to try some of their other flavors such as Chocolate Chip Mint and Peanut Butter.


2021 HYDAWAY Drinkware Campaign

    Lastly, my most recent brand x influencer partnership came with Hydaway drinkware. Let me tell you...they’ve definitely lived up to their motto of ‘convenience without compromise’. When packing a full bag for road trips or even an expedient trip to the gym, I’ll surely be packing this bottle to keep myself hydrated. Shaped like an accordion, this portably designed technology is the future of drinkware, I am just thankful I didn’t wait any longer to get my mits on mine! Whenever I’m out I get asked about this collapsible 14oz bottle because its so stylish, and helps contribute towards a sustainable future environment because I’ll literally be withholding THOUSANDS of pounds in plastic from accumulating in a landfill or ocean.



I know what those of you are thinking….reading my corny remarks are a flub in telling you about these campaigns, but its not. The god’s honest truth is these product campaigns have all been home runs so far, every product I’ve had kicks a**! The proof is in my partner Stack Influence. These triangulated  campaign partnerships have been fun, informing, and eye-opening to the technological possibilities available to other future small companies. As the year 2021 wanes, I can’t wait to keep partnering with Stack in 2022, and in doing so, I’m confident in contributing to an exploding field like social media influencer marketing in the future.


About Stack Influence

Stack Influence is the industry leading micro influencer platform. We’ve developed a suite of services enabled by proprietary AI technology to source quality brand ambassadors, guarantee 100% social promotion completions, and manage campaigns from A to Z.

In a world of technology people are the difference Influencer marketing is today’s most effective marketing strategy for driving product awareness, building brand assets like user-generated content and increasing omnichannel sales. Utilize our micro influencer marketing platform and harness the power of social media.

About Our Agency’s Founding Team. Our team founded the Stack Influence micro influencer platform after learning the difficulties of managing influencer campaigns, first hand. We’re a team of experienced eCommerce experts who know the ins and outs the biggest headaches facing eCommerce sellers when it comes to driving online sales at scale. We had a problem, and built a solution

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