Going Places - Art Exhibit 2019

Going Places Exhibit:

Debut at K. Simon Arts Center


The Going Places Exhibit made its debut last weekend

(April 26th & 27th) at K. Simon Arts Center in Broad Brook, CT.

The show is about art forms of the current generation of artists combining skate culture, new media, and big city energy. Artists participated from all across the Northeast region. It successfully brought together fine art, skate culture, rap, music, dance, tattooing, photography and so much more! There were live performing musicians, rappers, dancers, as well as a silent raffle of generously donated gift baskets by our sponsors and supporters in the community. The show was a huge success bringing in hundreds of people throughout the weekend. This show was proudly sponsored by Outbreak Skateboards.


This was a six month long journey constructing the show Going Places. Khamp Phimvongsa (K. Simon Arts Center gallery owner) and his wonderful family were gracious hosts. The event team included:

Matt Aloma - Outbreak Skateboards founder

Alex Ranniello - Alexander Califournia founder

Brazos Ebner - Artist, Musician, Radio Personality

Kimberly DiMilla - Artist & Designer

Leon McIntosh - Audio Technician



All the artists had a great chance to meet over the course of the entire weekend, and learn more about each other’s talents. Supporting other artists (of different industries) allowed for a warm welcome to the others. The artists involved, made the mission to spread love, creativity, and support for others in our community. As currently constructed, it will be a recurring show renewed for seasons to come!


Here are some photos from the show!

(Left to Right) Khamp Phimvongsa, Leon McIntosh, Chris Martin (front), Matt Aloma, Alex Ranniello



Booth of Photographer Mike Murphy


Works by artist Michael May



Booth of Alexander Califournia 


Work by Silas Fischer and Kimberly DiMilla


Work by Alexis Souza (top) and Joe Clarke (bottom)



Booth of Radical House Tattoo- of Manchester, CT


Booth of Miss Chloe

Collaborative Pieces by Outbreak Skateboards (w/ various artists)