Cuatro Puntos: A Hartford Collage

Cuatro Puntos: A Hartford Collage


This past February, I was pleased to be a featured artist in Cuatro Puntos video collage,

Coming Home: A Hartford Collage

This video collage features 38 artists spanning all creative media from the state of Connecticut.



To access the FULL 30 minute collage, you can visit either link;

YouTube: Coming Home: A Hartford Collage

Facebook: Coming Home: A Hartford Collage


The RapOet (Self Suffice) - rapper and host

Cuatro Puntos Ensemble - performing Coming Home soundtrack


Jin Pyer - photography

The Hartford Dance Collective - dance

Sarada Nori - dance


Ellen Carey - visual art

Deborah Leonard - visual art

Ilda Cruz - visual art

Stanwyck Cromwell - visual art

Michele Foertsch - visual art

Lisa Macbride - visual art

Marlon Blackwood of Artiflex Custom Gallery - visual art

Alexander Califournia (Alex Ranniello) - visual art

Gersóhn - visual art

William Lyday - visual art

Donald Boudreaux - visual art

Craig Diangelo - visual art

Janet Leombruni - visual art 

Andy Hart - photography

Nicole Isabella - visual art

Gianni Gardner Quintet - music

Kay Douglas - visual art 

Chris Gann - visual art

Georges Annan-Kingsley - visual art

Barbara Hocker - visual art

John Dante Prevedini - visual art

Talisa Vasquez - visual art

Alma Macbride - visual art

Madeline Stenson - visual art

New England Ballet Theatre - dance

Rahul Anand - photography

Cliff Manzone - photography

Diana Aldrete - visual art

Elijah Ravid - visual art

The END Ensemble - dance

Ying Ye - visual art

Sonia Plumb Dance Company - dance

Check out the Cuatro Puntos organization and the amazing work they’re doing here in Connecticut, by visiting their website at