A 2021 Fall Snapshot: Art, Achievements, and beyond!

A 2021 Fall Snapshot: Art, Achievements, and Beyond!

It’s been months since my last blog post. Since February, I have been working on some more serious creative writing while doing a lot more reading in my free time. Additionally, with commissions ramping up over the summer and during the holidays (now upon us), I thought I’d give you guys a snapshot in review into what I’ve been up to lately:

a snapshot in review into what I’ve been up to lately:

The past six months, I’ve exhibited my artwork in many different locations. During the entire month of June, I exhibited at Max Deli (Hartford) showcasing to local customers of the area (top left). During the month of September, I Showcased my portrait, Roddy at Connecticut Art Gallery’s 2021 Fall Art Competition (top right) as well exhibited a handful works alongside my vendor display at ARTIFEX Art Fair (bottom left) at Nomads of South Windsor, CT. Meanwhile my painting, Saints and Popstars continues to inspire bringing hope to nurses and hospital workers in Hartford Hospital’s Bliss 5th Wing (bottom right).


    During my three plus years as part of Stockman Gallery in New Britain, I’ve grown close to those working within the Arts Alliance, Trinity-on-Main, and those involved in the Mayor’s office of City Hall. 2021 has been their 150th year anniversary for the city of New Britain, and as part of the festivities, I was honorably selected to paint two commissioned installations for The Foundations Painting Project for Trinity-on-Main. (top) and donated my original 150 year anniversary oil painting (bottom) commemorated to Mayor Stewart’s office (located in city hall) on the city’s very special year!


    The spring was also filled with accomplishments. In May, I finished my Master’s Degree at The University of Hartford’s Graduate School of Communications where (during which) I achieved Presidential Honors & Summa Cum Laude status upon graduation! Weeks later, I was happily informed of winning the Best in Research Award during The Communications School’s Spring Graduate Research Symposium with the contributions of my thesis dissertation to the department’s program. Additionally (In March) I was awarded third place prize in the Professional category for The National Arts Program’s 30th annual exhibit.



    No worthy news would be complete without mentioning the overwhelming flood of commissions I received this past spring and summer season. Meeting fresh faces and new audiences with commissioned work was absolutely heartwarming. I am so grateful to be surrounded by cooperative clientele and be supported by a family in the exact same fashion.


These past six months have been largely about trying new things! In August, I collaborated with Anderson Renewal Windows to host an artist’s booth at Mad Lab’s Art ManiFESTation Festival in Norwalk. In partnership with Andersen Renewal, I painted inspired imagery in efforts of upcycling the former windows (left & right). These finished windows were donated to one of Norwalk’s local homeless shelters to bring hope and high spirits to those displaced by homelessness.

In addition to Mad Lab’s August art festival, I was brought on board by FreeCenter Middletown (for the first time in an eternity) as a guest curator to jury their group exhibition; Q-One Show - OPENwALL Series ed.02 (top right). By the beginning of May, I tried my hand in podcasting for the first time. Initially as a one-time guest on Matt Brown’s Productive Conversations Podcast, I later came on as a regular NFL & NBA contributor for the show. To date, we have recorded and debuted eight episodes and counting- with no slowing down in sight.


But most special of all was the proliferation in public art-especially mural works across our state of Connecticut. In February, things kicked off with a volunteer project at Meriden’s Humane Society (above) where we (the artists) teamed up in pairs of two to paint three different Cat shelter rooms.


    In April, I achieved my biggest mural to date! The SoDo Mural, in partnership with CT Murals and Mark Gottesdiener & Co. was my three story exterior mural painted at 177 Buckingham, St. (Hartford). The massive two and a half week project was culminated in a closing reception, where we revealed the finished mural in all its beauty- alongside the local neighborhood.

    A month later (in June), I completed the Bloomfield Village Pizza mural. The theme of this mural was inspired by both Art Deco and classic Dixieland New Orleans Jazz- a genre that my father played during his years as a Jazz percussionist. This interior mural wraps around a  gorgeous newly renovated bar at the establishment and from many positive reviews, will be a source of inspiration for many years to come.



    Later that month, I finished a private residential mural, The Marine Divers (above). Located at a residential home in Windsor Locks, this poolside mural culminates the richness & beauty of a deep sea excursion while showcasing the luminous fish of the deep blue ocean.


    Last but not least, my most recent mural: The Constitution Plaza Barbershop mural. Completed in partnership with Madison Properties and The Constitution Plaza Barbershop, this mural is located outside the stairwell buttressed against the Barbershop of Kinsley Street- Hartford. This mural combines the rich historical Italian lineage of the founder’ family with a modern black and white touch- reviving imagery inspired by 80’s pop-art sensation, Keith Haring.

As the rest of the year carries on, I look forward to continuing to share my achievements, projects, and newsworthy moments that have made 2021 (thus far) so very sweet.